2. Experiencing the Source of Mental Equilibrium for Wellness, Wisdom and Ease of Mind with Pauline McKinnon


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Stillness Meditation Therapy (SMT®)Experiencing the Source of Mental Equilibrium for Wellness, Wisdom and Ease of Mind.

Pauline McKinnon, Principal, Stillness Meditation Therapy (SMT®)

While meditation has evolved in myriad ways over centuries of philosophical practice, this distinctive Australian therapeutic meditation (Ainslie Meares MD: Relief Without Drugs 1968) enjoys its golden anniversary this year. Inspired by traditional techniques, SMT is non-sectarian and refined for modern society.

SMT is designed to restore mental equilibrium and a sense of living with ease. Benefits include relief from stress, anxiety and emotional disquiet – and increased wellness, with emerging growth from life fulfilment.  

This Masterclass offers a journey of discovery, exploring personal change and a unique way of acquiring it. From over 40 years’ experience in practicing and teaching Stillness Meditation, Pauline offers insight into the outcomes, history, development and relevance of SMT in the 21st Centuary

  • SMT – it’s origin and difference
  • The theory – how our body can change our mind
  • Testimony and research
  • Teaching insights and the therapist’s role
  • Teaching the experience
  • Q and A

Participants are invited from a range of professions including doctors, nurses, psychologists, counsellors, social workers, primary to tertiary educators, HR professionals – or anyone seeking a better life!

This event is being held in the workshop space, level 7, Daniel Mannix Building, ACU,

11.30am – 1.30pm Friday 20 July 2017