1. Human Motivation and Teaching Meditation with Timothea Goddard


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Human Motivation and Teaching Meditation

Timothea Goddard, Director, Openground and Mindfulness Training Institute

Evolutionary biology and psychology explains that humans are motivated to:

  1. Avoid harms (the threat/defense system),
  2. To make stuff happen and pursue achievements (the drive/competition system) and
  3. To connect and be soothed in our relationships with others (the soothing/affiliation system).  

All of these systems are intricately involved in any human pursuit – including the learning and teaching of meditation.

Familiarity with this way of seeing can open up more clarity, precision, salience and compassion in our teaching and practice.  Using this rich lens we will spend time attending to common issues that arise in classes – including traumatic experience, self-criticism and harshness, boredom, striving and perfectionism, and issues of time and commitment that emerge as obstacles – and explore how interactive inquiry can open these up as doors to self-knowledge, compassion and even insight.  It also illuminates how social, economic and cultural forces (economic inequity, social media and marketing) can shape both students’ and teachers’ expectations of what is desirable as outcomes of meditation training and practice and also shape the kinds of programs offered and how they are delivered.

This Masterclass is specifically designed for meditation and yoga teachers and health professional delivering meditation as an aspect of their wellbeing practice.

This event is being held in the Christ Theatre, ACU,

11.30am – 1.30pm Friday 20 July 2017

2 CPD Points